Bookings pre booked

Monday Club Bookings

The following tee times have been pre-booked.  This simply confirms and respects an established pattern of bookings over a number of years.

As from the 3 February:

The tee times highlighted below no longer need to be booked in the Pro Shop.

     Tee time Pre-Booked Players
7:52 Garth Hallam Dave Wood John Gardner John Coote
08:08 Malcolm Voce Trevor Holmes John Tyrell
08:16 Terry Crofts Mike Alexander Frank Shaw Brian Stocks
08:24 Stuart Murry Terry Henshaw Bill Aslin Mike O’Brien
08:32 Phil Rankin Barrie Moore Bob Colson Paul Jefferson
08:40 Keith Hepworth Patrick McDonough Mick Duffy
08:48 David Dandie Gary Shenton Glen Springthorpe Andy Watson

Any queries regarding the above allocation, please discuss with the Monday Club organisers.

NB: You do not have to use the booking system to play in the Monday Club, just turn up as usual and negotiate a slot with the Monday Club organisers.

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