Match Fixtures

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Match Venue Date Admin
College Pines Away Mon 08/04/2024

Bulwell Forest Away Wed 17/04/2024

Mapperley Away Fri 03/05/2024

Ormonde Fields Away Tue 07/05/2024

College Pines Home Wed 08/05/2024

Oakmere Park Away Wed 15/05/2024

Retford Away Thu 23/05/2024

Chilwell Manor Home Wed 29/05/2024

Mapperley Home Wed 12/06/2024

Oakmere Park Home Wed 19/06/2024

Chilwell Manor Away Wed 03/07/2024

Retford Home Thu 04/07/2024

Springwater Away Tue 09/07/2024

Norwood Away Wed 17/07/2024

Southwell Away Tue 30/07/2024

Norwood Home Wed 31/07/2024

Springwater Home Wed 14/08/2024

Bulwell Forest Home Wed 11/09/2024

Ormonde Fields Home Thu 12/09/2024

Southwell Home Thu 19/09/2024