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The Summer Aggregate Medal

Competition Rules

The qualifying criteria for this competition are as follows: –

Competitors must be aged 55 or over on the first round the individual plays both for the Summer and Winter Aggregate.

Any new member who joins RPGC and makes RPGC their “home club” with a current handicap and CDH number which can be checked by the competition secretary will be eligible if they have 5 qualifying events in the previous rolling 12 months.

However, if they join and only have 3 qualifiers in their previous 12 months at their old club they would have to play 2 more qualifiers at RPGC before being eligible to win an honours board event.

And if they only had 2 previous qualifiers they would have to play another 3 at RPGC before becoming eligible.

(See rules for Board Competitions).

  • This is a medal play Competition played from the yellow tees on full handicap, and will commence in April and continue until September (6 events).
  • It is a condition of entry that entrants have signed in on the computer
  • Prizes are awarded for first, second and third places.
  • The player having the lowest aggregate of their best four net scores will win the Seniors Summer Aggregate Trophy. In the event of ties of the best four net scores the aggregate of the best three net scores, then best two net scores and then best net score will decide the prize winners.
  • The winners will receive a monetary voucher, the value of which to be decided by the Seniors committee.
  • All competitors will pay a one off determined by the Seniors Committee on or before the first round they play. Payable to the organisers.
  • Each round of the Competition will be a Qualifying Competition and, therefore, played off a full handicap allowance.
  • All events will be played from the yellow tees.