Putting Competition

Leader board

The Putting Competition is based on Putting Scores submitted when the monthly Monday Club Aggregate Medal is held (April to September). Putting Competition Players are not required to be signed up for the Aggregate Medal, they just need to play in the Monday Club Medal competitions.

Any stroke taken when the ball is on the green counts as a putt

If any part of the ball is on the green, the ball is deemed to be on the green (Rule 13.1a)

For each hole a maximum of 4 putts is applied (e.g. picked up on a hole)

Therefore the number of putts per hole will range from 0 to 4

All scores are initially pre-set as 4 Putts per hole (for all rounds) BEFORE they are played
(i.e. 72 Putts per round, which is 288 Putts for the “lowest” four rounds)

The pre-set scores for each round are replaced with the ACTUAL number of Putts per hole, as each round is played, and thereby the total for the “lowest” four rounds adjusts.

Below is the Leader board for the “best” four rounds, which will include “pre-set” rounds (72 Putts per round) until at least four rounds have been entered. Below that is the Eclectic leader board.

Leader Board –¬†Best 4 Rounds

Putting Eclectic
Best score for each hole over all six rounds