Seniors Captain’s Selection Challenge

One of the more challenging duties of the Seniors Captain is the selection of players and pairings for the 2024 season of friendly matches home and away.

We are very fortunate to have not only a good selection of clubs to play against, but also a large pool of registered players to call upon. Selecting twenty teams requires a fair and equitable process.
So that you can better understand my team selections I would like to share with you the main criteria I will adopt, with a view to winning as many matches as possible whilst also giving everyone a memorable 2024 season of competitive and enjoyable matches

Selection Criteria
Player availability
A mix and balance of high and low handicaps
Previous historic and successful pairings
As the season unfolds, consideration of performance and current form
Playing against the same opposition home and away
A fair spread of games per player over the season, where possible
Playing in at least one of the first three matches registered for
Filling a place on short notice, deserving selection for next match
Overall record of supporting team matches and players