Check Redeemed Vouchers View

Temporary notice

Chris, This is work in progress.  Please note the following: –

The calculations in the table below are based on the vouchers that you have edited (redeemed=’Yes’) TODAY.  It will include in the calculations the prize voucher value from any record that some other User may have edited TODAY (this is highly unlikely, but theoretically possible).

Because I have used the command TODAY, you will always need to make your checks on the same day that you redeem vouchers.  If you run this report the following day, the page will be blank with the error message  ‘Not Found‘ at the bottom left of the page (as now).  When you start redeeming vouchers all the details you require will be available on this page.

Until we are confident that the script I have inserted is robust, be careful to check the value at the bottom of the page actually matches the value of the vouchers you have entered.  Any discrepancies, let me know.

Not Found