How will the handicaps be adjusted?

Appropriate adjustments will be made to Playing Handicaps in order to ensure equity for the competitions. These adjustments are stipulated by England Golf and vary according to the format of the competition being played (Stableford, Regular Stroke Play (Medal), etc).

For our main course it works out that the Playing Handicap off the Yellow Tees is unaffected and an increase in strokes is applied to those members playing off the White Tees.

A typical example would be that of an average player (18 handicap) using the White Tees who would get one extra stroke on his Course Handicap and two extra strokes from the Mixed Tees adjustment. Thus making a total of three extra strokes for the competition. A low handicapper may only get two extra strokes, and a high handicapper may get four extra strokes.

Your Playing Handicap will be displayed when you sign into the competition and the necessary adjustments will have been made.

The extra strokes are just for equity in the competition, handicap adjustments will be based on performance against the Course Rating of the chosen tees.


What if I am happy playing off the Yellow Tees all the time?

That is fine, just continue to do so. The only “inconvenience” that you will have is that when you sign into the competition you will now have to “press a button” to say which tees you intend to play off.


What if I am signed up for the Seniors Aggregate Medal, which is played on the first Monday of each month … do I have to play off the Yellow Tees?

You can still choose to play off either tee. It is your Nett score that is used towards the Aggregate Medal, so in theory the Playing Handicap adjustment should mean that it is irrelevant which tees you choose to play off.  However, for you as an individual you may well find that there is a very slight advantage to making one choice over the other.


What if I accidently sign in to the wrong tees?

This may happen occasionally. If possible, tell the Competition Organisers straight away before you go out to play your round. They may be able to correct the error on the system before you finish your round. The important thing is that you should not put your scores in until the system has been updated with the correct tees option. If in doubt do not put your scores in, just submit your scorecard (preferably in person to one of the organisers) and your scores will be entered on your behalf once the correction has been made.


My playing partners were playing off different tees to me and I got mixed up on one hole and played off the wrong tees. What is the ruling?

If you play off the wrong tees in either Stableford or Medal you incur a two stroke penalty and you must rectify this by teeing off the correct tees. If you fail to do this your score for that hole is deemed invalid, and you must record that hole as a Nil Return (NR).

N.B. If you fail to correct your error, and submit a score for that hole, you will be disqualified. Rule 6.1b(2).