Mixed Tees Competitions Trial

Since the introduction of the World Handicapping System (WHS) all Monday Club/Seniors competitions have been played off the YELLOW tees (Men). However, many members have expressed a wish to occasionally play off the WHITE tees.

Starting from Monday, 5th June 2023 the Monday Club will be trialling the running of a Mixed Tees format for all of the Singles Competitions.


In the Mixed Tees competitions the men will now be given the choice of playing from either the YELLOW tees or the WHITE tees. Playing Handicaps will be adjusted to ensure a level playing field for the competition. However, your handicap record, and any adjustments, will be based on the Course Rating of your chosen tees in the normal way.

Playing Handicap adjustments in Mixed Tees competitions are defined by England Golf and are implemented by our competition software.

Ladies will continue to play off the RED tees as usual, but in a Mixed Tees competition will now receive adjustment strokes (Stableford: 1 extra stroke, Medal: 2.7 extra strokes)

When men sign in to the competition, they will be asked to choose either YELLOW tees or WHITE tees to play off.

The sign in screen will then display your Playing Handicap. Please make a note of it AND make sure you indicate the correct tees on your scorecard.

If you select YELLOW tees there will be no change to your Playing Handicap.

If you select WHITE tees then most players will receive an adjustment of 2 extra strokes, PLUS any extra strokes received for the White Course Handicap.

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